About N.T. (Tom) Wright

Dr. Wright is a noted British Scholar and world renowned New Testament authority on the Apostle Paul and our Lord Jesus.

Dr. Wight was named by Christianity Today as one othe top five theologians in the world. He has been the conservative voice in the Jesus Seminar's confronting this movement to find the historical Jesus. He has been instrumental in what is called the Third Quest for Jesus. He has been called the Jesus Scholar of the United Kingdom.

Dr. Wright is a scholarly author which includes the commentary on Colossians in the Tyndale Commentary series, the book of Romans in the Interpreters Commentary series and has recently been asked to revise the acclaimed Barclay Commentary series. He has also authored numerous publications on Christian Theology including Who Was Jesus? published by Eerdmans and Jesus and the Victory of God, the second volume of his Christian Origins and the Question of God published by Fortress Press.

Dr. Wright currently is the Bishop of Durham in the Church of England in London and was formerly a lecturer in New Testament studies at Oxford University and dean of Lichfield Cathedral is Staffordshire. He also taught at McGill University in Montreal.