Martin Marty, the foremost commentator on religion in America, and David Clark, who teaches theology at Bethel Seminary, discuss tentions that Christians struggle with in their everyday lives. Joining Marty and Clark are scholars, coporate CEO's, consultants, a physician, a lawyer, a non-profit foundation president, a psychologist, pastors, educators and others. There are six 30-minute videotape lessons in the series, which come with 10 discussion guides complete with case studies.

 The Mind: Conformed or Transformed?

Everyday, hundreds of visual and auditory messages bombard our thinking and influence our values. How can and should we resist the temptations of contemporary culture? How should we think and act as God-honoring Christians?

 The Body: Idol or Temple?

Today’s culture glorifies and idolizes the body It places inordinate value on physical appearance and beauty and often makes physical attractiveness the “standard” for judging a person’s worth. Others see the body as the temple of the Holy Spirit.

 Work: Calling or Curse?

Some see work as a calling, especially those in religious or “helping” vocations. Others see work as a curse, especially those trapped in menial, mindless, one-thing-after-another work. How are we to understand work, which occupies so much of our waking hours?

  Wealth: Blessing or Barrier?

Our culture has an unhealthy fascination with wealth and with the accumulation and display of wealth. Where is the line between wealth being a blessing from God and a barrier to God. How can we learn to pursue and use wealth in God-honoring ways?

 Neighbor: Stranger or Friend?

In our daily relationships, we feel most comfortable relating to persons who are like us. We often feel uncomfortable relating to those who are different. As Christians, though, we are called to befriend the stranger, to love the unlovable and to care for “the least of these.”

 Technology: Servant or Master?

Technology has invaded our lives – even life itself with new reproductive technologies. Are computers making us faster and more efficient or are they becoming our masters? Is the electronic media changing our morals, ethics and values?

3 Hours of Videotapes / 10 Study Guides with Case Studies


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