Tony Campolo – discusses the Christian faith at the end of the 20th century ... and into the 21st century, which he believes will be Christianity’s “best and brightest day.” The six tapes in the series are 24 minutes long and come with discussion questions and case studies for viewers to “continue the discussion.”

Joining Tony, a Baptist, are David Stark, a pastor of a suburban Presbyterian church; Marilyn Sharpe, the director of confirmation of an urban Lutheran church; and Tony Machado; a Hispanic–American pastor of an inner city Latino church.

 Faith Beyond Reason

We are coming to realize the limitations of science and reason, coming to understand that there are things that cannot be explained by rational inquiry or proven by mathematical formulas.

 The Quest for Identity

People today are asking Who am I? What is the meaning of life? For Christians, who we are and whose we are comes from knowing, loving and serving Jesus.

 Right and Wrong

Today’s culture is marked by those who believe that everything is relative – that there are no moral absolutes. On the other side are those who believe there is a universal sense of rightness and oughtness.

 Good and Evil

When we cannot explain something, we insist, nonetheless, that there must be a naturalistic explanation. Many, however, believe there is another dimension … a supernatural dimension.

 Making Life Count

To be a Christian is to know Jesus – to know that we are forgiven through his death and loved by him into eternity. Confident of this, we are able to live “abundantly” in the here and now.

 Building God’s Kingdom

How are we to build God’s kingdom on earth? From the inside out, and by becoming social radicals, and like the man of La Mancha, by pursuing impossible dreams.

3 Hours of Videotapes / 10 Discussion Guides with Case Studies

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