Jesus Resurrection: Then and Now
N.T.Wright better known by colleagues and friends as "Tom" - is Bishop of Durham and the former Canon Theologian of Westminster Abbey in London. Dr. Wright is a New Testament scholar of enormous reputation - he is considered by many to be the leading Jesus-scholar in the UK and is widely recognized authority on the life and letters of Paul - the author of more than 20 books, and a much sought-after speaker and lecturer. Wright taught New Testament studies for 20 years at Oxford, Cambridge and McGill Universities and was dean of Lichfield Cathedral in Staffordshire, England, from 1994 to 1999. Dr. Wright has recently published a multi-volume work on Christian Origins and the Question of God and is writing a commentary on the book of Romans for The New Interpreters Bible. 
Lesson 1: The Historical Jesus
Who was Jesus? What was his message? Why was he put to death? What are scholars today saying about Jesus?
Lesson 4: The Gospel Writers’ Understanding of Jesus’ Resurrection
Are the Gospels’ witness to Jesus’ resurrection credible? Are they in conflict with each other?
Lesson 2: Jesus: The Resurrected Messiah
Most messianic movements ended with the death of their founder. Why did the Jesus movement survive – not only survive, but flourish? What did Jesus’ followers mean when they said that Jesus was “raised from the dead”?
 Lesson 5: Paul’s Understanding of Jesus’ Resurrection
For Paul, Jesus’ resurrection was the first fruits of the new creation – and all who are “in Christ” will be raised like him, though their resurrection bodies will be different than their earthly bodies. What does Paul say about our to–be– resurrected bodies?
Lesson 3: The Jewish Understanding of Resurrection
What did first-century Jews believe about resurrection? What caused Jesus’ (Jewish) followers to come to a different understanding of “resurrection”?
Lesson 6: Jesus’ Resurrection Today
It is hard to account for the rise in Christianity if Jesus was not raised from the dead. What about today? How are we to understand Jesus’ resurrection?
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