Dr. John Stott, internationally known preacher, evangelist, scholar and the author of over 40 books on the Christian Faith, discusses three of "Life's Big Questions" with three other discussion partners.

 Who Am I?

Discovering who we are as human begins - rational and irrational, nobel and ignoble, moral and immoral. The good news is that no one is irredeemable: Jesus Christ is able to give us a new heart, a new desire, a new life, and a new spirit.

 Who is Jesus?

The popularity, self-claims and promises of Jesus, whose character was consistent with His claims and who seems, on every account, to be who He said He was - and He is alive today and available and accessible to all who seek Him.

 Who is a Christian?

Being a Christian is not believing a creed, like the Apostle's Creed; or believing in a system of ethics, like the Golden Rule; or being baptized and going to church. Being a Christian is knowing, loving and obeying Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

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