Romans: The Greatest Letter Ever Written

 N.T. (Tom) Wright is Cannon Theologian of Westminster Abbey. He is considered by many to be the leading Jesus scholar in the United Kingdom, and is also a world authority on the apostle Paul. In this series, Wright leads a discussion of Paul’s life, letters and theology and his legacy for today.

Includes six video lessons on DVD and a CD with a PDF of a Discussion Guide.
 Paul’s Letter to the Romans
Paul’s letter to the Romans stands like Shakespeare’s Hamlet or Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony: the master-work of a master craftsmen. In this letter, Paul creates a tradition of Christian thought where none had existed before.
 Romans 9-11: God’s Faithfulness to Israel
God’s promises to Abraham have been fulfilled in Christ--not for ethnic Israel, but for all people--which is being accomplished through the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit.
 Romans 1-4: God’s Justice Revealed in Christ
Paul believed that God’s purpose is to bring order and celebration to all of creation, which has been distorted because humankind, like Adam and Eve, worships the creature rather than the creator.
 Romans 12-16: God’s People in God’s World
Paul tells his readers how to live as Christians in pagan Rome: by presenting themselves as visible, living witnesses to God. He ends the letter with greetings to his many friends in Rome.
 Romans 5-8: God’s New Exodus in Christ
God’s action in Christ is the new exodus. Through Adam’s disobedience, sin came into the world; through Christ’s obedient faithfulness to God’s saving plan, the effect of Adam’s disobedience has been reversed.
 Romans Then and Now
The main theme of Romans is God’s plan to redeem the world, which was accomplished in and through Jesus’ death and resurrection. The gospel--the good news--has the power to bring people to faith, and so to justification, and to challenge the principalities and powers of the world.
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