What could be of more importance in your life than spiritual renewal? But where do you begin? What is involved? In this series, Steve Arterburn takes you step by step through a renewal process that can deeply affect your life, relationships and future. Here are the keys that will open locked doors and lead to genuine spiritual growth.

Steve Arterburn is the founder and chairman of New Life Ministries and is the host of the nationally syndicated New Life Live! daily radio program. In addition, he is the founder of Women of Faith.

He is a best-selling author of more than 40 books and a nationally known public speaker. His most recent books include Feeding Your Appetites, Every Man, God's Man, Finding Mr. Right , Every Man's Battle, Flashpoints and Every Man's Marriage.

Eight Video lessons totaling approximately four hours complete with 10 discussion guide’s.


Seeking God and allowing Him to help me grow as He speaks through others.
Seeing the truth and accepting the full reality of my situation
Beginning to open up about the reality of my life and speaking the truth.
Accepting responsibility to make the changes that must be made for spiritual growth to occur
Releasing and forgiving my own failures and the failures of those who have hurt me.
Redeeming my pains by changing it into a purposeful ministry our of my desire to share with others.
Protecting the spiritual gains I have made and persevering through life ís inevitable struggles.
4 hours of Videotape/10 discussion guide

$99.95 Additional discussion guides - $2.50 each

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