The Foul Language Filter

v Automatically filters out profanity and other offensive phrases
v Works on TV programs and video movies
v Developed and assembled in the USA
v Easily connects between a TV and a VCR/Cable box/Satellite Receiver 
       or DVD player (does not work with TV/VCR/DVD combination sets)
v Strict and moderate filter settings
v Three closed-captions settings

"Winning an Olympic Gold Medal took

years of hard work. Raising a family is

even a greater challenge. Thanks to TV

Guardian, my job just got a little easier."

                  MARY LOU RETTON
                  Olympic Gold Medalist
TVGuardian - The Foul Language Filter - automatically filters out offensive 
language from TV, Videos and DVDs, while you're watching. 
It's easy to connect! It usually takes less than ten minutes.

As soon as you connect it, TVGuardian goes to work muting offensive phrases from
popular TV shows and movies, giving you more choices in acceptable family entertainment. 

You might be surprised just how many swear words your kids hear during a typical 
90-minute movie.  You wouldn't allow a visitor in your home to say the things your kids 
might accidentally be hearing on TV shows and videos; sometimes even hearing over 
and over again!
I own four TVGuardians and have purchased more as gifts. Jerome Tenney, Yuba City, California I've had the TV Guardian for more than 1-1/2 years and have nothing to say but good about it. I can let my young teen-age kids watch movies that I normally couldn't. They don't even care that some words are missing. Even I enjoy the lack of swear words. Mike Burgess, American Fork, Utah I can't tell you how many times we had to fast forward a VCR tape, just so that the children would not be subject to the language. Your product is actually better than I expected. Greg and Rebecca Golden, Claremore, Oklahoma Frequently Asked Questions Endorsements


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