The Apostle Paul: Purpose and Passion

N.T. (Tom) Wright is Cannon Theologian of Westminster Abbey. He is considered by many to be the leading Jesus scholar in the United Kingdom, and is also a world authority on the apostle Paul. In this series, Wright leads a discussion of Paul’s life, letters and theology and his legacy for today.

Includes six video lessons on DVD and a CD with PDF Discussion Guide.

Lesson 1: The Apostle Paul

Paul saw himself as straddling the past and the future, the Jews and the Gentiles, the old covenant and the new. How did Paul, a Pharisaic Jew, become the champion of Christianity?

 Lesson 2: God’s New Creation

Paul believed that in Jesus, God had brought the future redemption into the present. In Jesus, the new Exodus from slavery to freedom had arrived. What did Paul mean by this?

Lesson 3: God’s New People
Paul tells his readers in Galatia and in Rome that God had declared those “in Christ” to be justified and declared righteous. How were God’s “redeemed” to live and act? What instructions does Paul give to his churches and followers?

 Lesson 4: Paul’s Understanding of Jesus
Paul believed that in Jesus, God’s future for Israel had arrived. In Jesus, the God of Israel was personally present. In Jesus, God had come to defeat the powers of the world. How did Paul, a monotheistic Jew, come to believe that Jesus was divine?

  Lesson 5: Paul’s View of Resurrection

Jesus’ followers were to be, in the midst of the Roman Empire, a colony for God’s kingdom on earth. At the end of the age, all they would be changed. But changed into what?

 Lesson 6: Paul For Today

According to Paul, in the person of Jesus, the new eschatological age had arrived. Then why is God’s creation still groaning and suffering? What is Paul’s word for today?
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