Dr. Martin E. Marty, a world-renowned authority on religion and Church History, talks about the  
"story" that Christians have in common with one another, and then goes on to discuss this story
 — the  thousand-year primacy of  Rome, re-forming the churches and the legacy of dissent,  the 
coming of  Christianity to America, the rise and challenge of  science and rationalism, the  
expansion of the church around the world, and the new millennium.

This six-part series begins with Jesus in Galilee. Dr. Marty takes us on a 21st-century tour of  
Christianity and ends by telling us that the Christian story is not yet finished, and that we are  
part of the story.
Americans may study Caesar, enjoy reading Shakespeare, listen to Beethoven and be grateful for George Washington,but few would call themselves Caesarites, Shakespearites, Beethovenites or Washingtonites. They may think of these people as important and worthy of study but none would consider them a living presence or enter eternity with their names on their lips. Jesus Christ is different. He gives His name to The Christian Story and is at the very heart of its plot. He is the one who addresses us and is addressed by us and in whose name we pray.
The six videos in the series are approxiamtely 21 minutes in length and were filmed in different locations around Chicago.

The Early Church

Jesus, the apostles, the early church and the Roman Empire. Filmed at Dr. Marty's home in Riverside, Illinois.

 The Catholic Middle Ages

The thousand-year primacy of Rome. Filmed at Rockfeller Memorial Chapel, University of Chicago.

 The Reformation

Re-forming the churches and the continuing legacy of dissent. Filmed at the United Protestant Center, University of Chicago.

The Church in America

The coming of Christianity to the New World and its influence on American life. Fi.med at Ascension Lutheran Church in Riverside, IL.

 The Enlightenment

The rise and challenge of science and rationalism. Filmed at The Divinity School, University of Chicago.

 The Church Around the World

The worldwide expansion of Christianity. Filmed on the University of Chicago campus.

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